Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buckingham Square me

As you get to know me it will take a while but you slowly realize my deep dark secret. Now I have to admit that this takes a lot less time for some. Depending on if you’ve seen me dance. This morning it smacked me square in the face. I am in fact a flaming nerd. Under this Jeep driving muscular gay guy skin is a closeted nerd with geek tendencies. Although I don’t have an opinion on who was better Kirk or Picard. Even as a kid I was only looking at the Klingons. This morning I received notice that I’ve been published. Not in Instigator magazine as I would like, but in Let’s start from the beginning shall we.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving in 2007 and I’m driving to work. I’m listening to NPR because that’s what I do when I’m driving to work and not listening to thump, thump music with black divas screaming “Everyone is Free.” That morning NPR had a story on about the website and the decline and death of America’s malls. I immediately thought of Buckingham Square mall, this is the mall of my youth. This is where I stood in line for 2 hours to get a Max Headroom T shirt. Later that day I went to there was nothing on this chunk of my youth. This is the mall where I fell in love with acid wash form County Seat and where I first learned to deep throat men twice my age in the men’s room stalls. I know, I know “EEEEEEEWW------Acid wash!
The next 6 months brought news that Buckingham Square Mall was to be torn down for a new shopping experience. My Stevie senses started to tingle. This is where my inner nerd tendencies started to come out of the closet. I became a nerd on a mission. I wrote a “brilliant” history of this sad, dirty little mall in a third rate suburb of Denver Colorado, I.M. Pei is spinning in his grave.* I then submitted this to Deadmalls. Just this morning I found out that I’m a published author. Ms. Tracy, my English teacher who failed me 2 years in a row would be so proud.
So check it out, There's not a direct link, search under "Site Updates" then posts from 1/14. let me know what you think.

*Yes, I know he’s not dead.

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