Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Do you know what NSFW stands for? I mean really means. It’s Not Safe For Work. This means don’t open this picture; click on this link or watch this YouTube vid. I’m the king of not alerting folks when something is NSFW. Sorry, maybe your IT guy wanted to see Potter’s pink part.

This being said I got a present t’other day. As you know I’d totally go gay for Colton Ford. Now thanks to an anonymous commenter (fc)I have a new mural for the hood of my 1978 Trans Am. What do you think? Oh…and by the way it’s majorly, hugely mongo NSFW.

I feel like Sally, Charlie Brown's little sister.
"Isn't he the cutest"
"Colton Ford is my sweet Baboo!"


Howard said...

I love having a job where no one gives a crap if a penis shows up on my screen. Well, a tasteful penis. Or a tasty one. Whichever.

Anonymous said...

MY BAD! fc

Anonymous said...

OMG - that was sooo NSFW! cn

Ben said...

NSFW is thrown around way too easily these days... that's only semi errect and there for totally safe for work.

Jeph said...

That's freakin' hot!

And I love the Sally Brown comment!

And I'm with you - I'm well known for not always worrying about OTHER people's work places. Hey - I have a little more privacy here, so I don't worry so much! ;-)

The Mutant said...

I always thought NSFW stood for Not Showing his Filthy Wang, yet clearly in that photo he is... I'm glad we got that one sorted... I'm so totally going to start clicking on more of those links.

BTW, can I get you be the mural on the hood of my 1989 Geo? That'd be so hott!