Monday, September 13, 2010


As I’m sure you’re aware I live some compulsive aspects to my personality. I feel they might be getting more prevalent as I get older.

The most prevalent would by my Pumas. Since I was able to buy my first pair of gym shoes I’ve been obsessed with getting the very best, and keeping them incredibly clean. I think this desire came from having to wear hand-me-down gym shoes as a kid. But… My Puma fetish was helped out by the guys over at, but that’s another story for a different time.

Last Wednesday found me with at toothbrush scrubbing away in an attempt to make my white Pumas white again. For an hour. Hey, they are shiny white again so OCD can be helpful.

My new compulsive behavior is my car’s windshield. It started when I bought a new car, but started to turn into an obsession when rock chips started to appear. I drive one-hundred miles a day in my commute and this brings a lot of trucks in my path. The bastards are just out to get my cars front end. I’m also excited for fall really because the bugs that are bred at the national park near my house will soon be dead.

For the last couple of weeks I can’t pull out of the driveway...well any driveway, without perfectly clean and invisible glass. I fight  the urge to pull over on the side of the road when I hear the tiny scream of a bug meeting its end by smearing its end on my windscreen. Everyone has two types of aerosol spray window cleaner and micro-fiber cleaning cloths in their trunks, right?

So if we’re going out to dinner I’ll drive but, keep your feet on the mat and enjoy the view.

The bugs around here are huge!


Michael Rivers said...

We have those big bugs here in MN too. Sometimes on my 5 hour drive back to South Dakota, I have to clean the window several times, just so I can see out of it. Gross.

Wonder Man said...

Wow, maybe you could get your PUMAs professional clean. I'm sure somebody does that

Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Scrub Christina, scrub!!