Saturday, June 20, 2015

Run, Stevie Run

I got on a treadmill for the first time in six months. And by six months, I mean just under a year. Remember when I blogged ad nauseam about running? Yeah. I don't  really remember either. 

The other night, me and the roommate headed to the gym. I nodded my head in respect to the power of the treadmill and stepped on to its whirling belt. It. Felt. Amazing. For about eight minutes, then it was pure hell after that. But, I did it. I felt the old unhealthy lifestyle I had been sporting (mostly around my spare tire area) begin to take a hint.  

I, as a whole am taking tiny steps back into the warm sunlight of healthy choices. Those small things you do to ensure and reaffirm that you do; actually, like yourself.  The driving past fast food joints. The ending of excuses why you can not make it to the gym. 

Time slips away and before you know it small unhealthy choices turn into laziness that fuel and feed upon itself. As I stepped onto the treadmill, I heard the wake up call. Time to run. 


Fearsome Beard said...

Welcome home!

Ur-spo said...

Good luck with the running; may it get back into your routine soon.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that Muscle Bears like you (and absolutely nothing wrong with that!) do some cardio, as well. Not only does it help control belly fat, it helps your heart; we all want you to live long and prosper! ~~~ NB

anne marie in philly said...

we ALL need to move our sedentary asses in one way or another. I lift weights.