Friday, July 23, 2010


Tomorrow officially starts my vacation to Seattle, Washington.

Our bud Mike invited us to stay the week at his family’s beach house on Vashon Island across the bay from Seattle. Just a quaint little Island house right on the beach. Since we’re staying on Vashon Island then traveling via fairy to Seattle I’m not sure how my connectivity will be. So, maybe we’ll be updated the blog. Not sure yet.

What am I most excited to do in Seattle? Sadly, go to a gay gym. I love two things when I travel to another city. Visit their fast food joints and work out at the local gay gym. These are the best way to get the flavor and vibe of any city.

Gold’s Gym in the Capitol Hill area seems to be the first pick. With a review from like “This is one of the skankiest gyms I've ever worked out at. The men's locker room is lit like the backroom of a gay bar….”

Seriously sounds like my kind of place. But, I’m open to other suggestions.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It’s been exactly one year since I blogged about Scott from the TV show Obsessed. Oddly enough they re-broadcasted this epic episode of the dreamy, incredible hunky germaphobe Scott.

Why! Why, A&E why do you taunt me so. Real life. Drama. Big Jerks.

Read the update here!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


On Saturday we finally cleaned out the garage. Around three years ago we got new furniture and decided to just put the old stuff in the garage. Just for awhile. This started a cavalcade of just opening up the garage and heaving more stuff on top. Soon the Christmas tree took the motorcycle’s spot. Then the motorcycle took the tools spot. Then random mountain goats showed up to hop from pile to pile. Damn goats.

Okay, there weren’t any goats. But, last Saturday we removed any temptation by having a garage sale. Yippy frickin’ yeah. I made Fuzzy speak to the random crazy people that wander from garage sale to garage sale wanting to talk about how Obama wasn’t born in the US. “Stop touching my stuff and go get a life!” This happens to be the same thing I say all the time at our local bear bar.

I stayed in the back organizing the fifty-two tubs of Christmas speculating the entire time if converting to Judaism would just save space.

After three hundred small town crazy people sorted through our Herb Ritts collection, neoprene pants and serving trays we now have our garage back. As a gay man, I have to say it's good feeling to finally be free of twelve Herb Ritts framed prints. That and a garage.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I received the latest mix CD from my favorite DJ over the weekend. My bud Nick and I were gay waiters together back in the ol’ college days. He was a DJ back in the day and has really just aged to perfection. Visit his Facebook page here. You’re really gonna love what you hear. That, and he is totally hot.

Yesterday I started off with a run in the park. Man, how I love the Sunday morning runs. I then hung out with the guys at Cherry Creek Mall to buy some “vacation threads” and since I still hadn’t bought sunglasses I bought two pair…..

I guess I’ve decided to be a twenty-two year old twink. Again. At 38 and at 230 lbs. Go figure. We ended the day at our local Bear Beer Bust or BBB. This is where I heard a classic piece of bullshit fly out of my mouth on why all the gay men around us were wearing camo cargo shorts.

“Well….Dolce & Gabbana invented the cargo short years ago. It was because they knew that gay men should never wear fanny packs but, needed extra pockets for their water bottles and tiny bags of K.”

The response was one of “Oh…I never knew that.”

Tell your friends.

Friday, July 16, 2010


What's been on my desktop all week? The Iron Giant...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


If you don’t watch the television program, Doctor Who please skip to QUESTION 42. If you do follow Doctor Who continue reading...

Have you watched the season/series finale of Doctor Who yet? You know that I’m gay for the kids television show, Doctor Who. Stupid BBC America and will start part one this Saturday. I say stupid because the series has aired three weeks ago in the UK and most people have already watch it on YouTube. I did try to find out when it’s airing on Australia’s network (ABC) but the website was upside down.*

I’m such a gay nerd for Doctor Who that I’ve started a big gay doctor fan group on Facebook. God... I really am just a fourteen year old dork. In the body of a rather large gay man. If you’re also still a nerdy kid. Check it out on Facebook. DOCTOR WHO GUYS. And if you’re not my FB friend yet hit me up.


This is Tom Hopper. Dreamy isn’t he? One day we’re going to get gay married. He was on Doctor Who once. See what you’re missing.

*Bad joke just for Kez.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We went for a run in Cheeseman Park on Sunday. And by “run” I mean dragging Fuzzy around the park like a new puppy. As we made our first turn I pointed to an old thirties apartment building right on the park.

“The first time I tricked with a guy it was in that building.” I casually mentioned. “But, it wasn’t his place he probably was a kept man.”

“Really, how did you know?” Fuzz asked.

“Because when I was pounding him I was looking around wondering why a twenty-five year old would have so much chenille in his life.”

Fuzz giggled. “I slept over at someone’s house and when I got cold, so I grab the grandmothers chenille blanket of the end of the bed. I woke up to the person beating me for using it.”

“You would have wiped you dick off on their grandmother’s chenille throw? Wouldn’t you?” I asked in mocking disgust.


“You’re more animal then man!” I said with utter disdain.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Eleven days until we head to Seattle. I haven’t had a real vacation in…… Wow. A long time. Is it too soon to start packing? Cargo shorts? Check. Sleeveless T-shirts? Check. Swim trunks? Check. Three pair of Pumas? Check. Well that was easy.

I started researching great things to do in Seattle along with things to do on the Island we’re staying on. Being the huge geek that I am, I’m very excited to see the Monorail and the site of the 1962 World’s Fair. As with every city I visit I need to stop in to the Seattle Eagle to pick up a T-shirt. This will add to my “LEATHER BAR T-SHIRTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD” collection in the third drawer of my dresser.  It’s very prestigious.

Although for most of the week we’re going to be at a beach house on Vashon, Island so I won’t need a T-shirt. Just Coppertone and some trunks. Digging for geoducks….. that I will not eat.

Must act like human for eleven more days! Must not give in to the urge of coming to work in a Speedo and flip-flops.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I ran into my bud and fellow Denver blogger, Howard from the Web Pen Blog last night at Dazbog, our local gay coffee spot. He’s so damn cute. He reminded of a Robot mix he had on his site. See it, hear it, feel it here.

Don’t you just love killer robot music? Yeah I thought so.

In other news, it’s like been like a week and like Steve is still fighting with his inner gay geek to not slam two-hundred bucks in the face of a sales person at the Apple store. Just to slump down in a corner, caressing his new iLover iPhone. Giggling like a fundamentalist petting his revolver after a visit to an abortion clinic. I think Bill had the best quote about the new iPhone.

“Tempt not a desperate man.” William Shakespeare

That girl knows the gay man’s burden of walking around with a two year old phone in his Lucky jeans. It’s hard. So hard. *

I used my two year old iPhone to snap a picture in the rain the other day. After waxing my car I was excited to see rain bead up on the hood. So beautiful! *

*Yes, Fuzzy comes back from his trip tomorrow. In case you’re wondering if I lost touch with reality being alone for ten days.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


What happens when sample bits from Doctor Who’s The Robots of Death and turn it into a gay dance mix?
Robophobia – James Zabiela

“From childhood he lived with only robots.”

There hasn’t been a better mix of Doctor Who and all things gay since Kylie Minogue drove that forklift in the storm drive. Poor Astrid Peth, I’m still bitter about that.

James Zabiela is my favorite DJ lately. Check out his site here and Robophobia is available on iTunes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Another video postcard from Dalton. That boy needs his own Vlog.

Did you know you can follow him on Twitter here.  Oh, and his site here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is nothing better than the Fourth of July weekend in the old US. Nothing. I got up early on Saturday and headed to Chessman Park to strip down and put a coat of wax on my car. I’ve never hand waxed a car before, but then I’ve never wanted to be in the warm sun in the gay park wearing only gym shorts  cared for one of my cars that much. So with a Big Gulp in one hand and a towel in the other I celebrated Americas’ Birthday by polishing up the sports sedan and worked on getting rid of my tan lines.

Saturday night was boy’s night out at the Denver Wrangler. At the local bear bar we stood around and enjoyed the cool night air. Apparently they’ve started serving a great new drink. So good I had four glasses… or mugs since it was hot coffee. Great. I turned into my Dad, drinking hot coffee at ten o’clock at night.

Sunday was a road trip with the boys, five big guys in a Kia Soul followed by a meet up that evening for a great party Sunday night. Our buddy has a condo on the eighth floor overlooking Downtown Denver and all the fireworks displays. Even with the rain starting right at nine PM we huddled on the balcony to watch the fireworks around the city.

Yesterday was a great BBQ over at Frank’s house. Just a relaxing day in the back yard with friends. Then an early evening in bed. Since Fuzz is out of town the dog and I were able to stretch out in the middle of the bed like a swastika and watch as much classic Doctor Who via Netflix as we could stand.

Alas now it’s back to reality. On the bright side,  BFF Dalton has discovered his camera on his new iPhone and has started sending me video post cards. So, here’s a postcard from Dalton enjoying his weekend in Brooklyn.

Friday, July 2, 2010


The other half is gone for ten days. This means that for ten whole days I’m going to have the freedom and security of a clean bathroom. Cutie Mr. Fuzz-face is off to Washington DC for a convention of……some…. sort. I’m sure he told me but I’ve been singularly fixated on buying the new iPhone to care about breathing much less real life. Everything has just been a blur, homosexual lifetime companion partner gone for weeks out of the house? IPhone? Ran over three kids in a cross walk? IPhone?

With your other half gone don’t you just revert back to primordial gay caveman days? Rawr…. Xtube for hours on end…..Grrrrrr, ugg BMB ugg! It also means ten days of eating nothing but Morningstar veggie burgers and wheat toast.

He did ask me where to find a gay gym in DC. I pointed to this iPhone and suggested that he types in “DuPont Circle” into the map and the rest will work itself out. I had an odd feeling of releasing a steroid infused baby hedgehog into the wild. Hopefully when he returns he’ll have a DC gym t-shirt for me, some new stuff and things for his work and maybe I’ll have a new iPhone to show him.