About StevieB

Raised on a rural horse ranch and deeply devoted to the Mormon Church, Steve felt that spreading the word of the Latter Day Saints would to be his life’s calling. Until, he grew up and found his voice.

Blogging for five years, Steve calls Denver, Colorado home. He writes about his hometown, turning forty and returning to college, and being a sci-fi loving, road-trip taking, comic book reading, gym going, ex-Mormon.

The StevieB blog Critics:

"Born a small child from Texas, StevieB has risen through the ranks of "Gay Muscle blogs" to achieve the glory and stature only found in the glitzy anals of LA and Miami. Posting on the availability and size of his guns, we are treated to a Denver gay man's struggle as he desperately searches for muscle acceptance in a twink town. His poetic rise in the beef bloggosphere mirrors his scandalous personal life where he reports on every spilled man-seed in the washroom stalls of Taco Bell. His online-offline behaviour can't be quelled by mere Blogger.com censors, as that most of his outrageous antics are picked up (and drooled over) by the likes of Perez Hilton (fuck you fatty!) and Anderson Cooper (suck it, greydaddy!). What is the future of StevieB? Expect more hand puppets and inappropriate iPhone shots in the ladies changerooms at Target."


"I just wanted to say thank you for writing your blog. Thanks for taking the time out of your day and writing down stuff for others to read... you are thoroughly enjoyable."

"It's like goldy or bronzy, only it's made of iron."