Tuesday, December 29, 2009


And we’re back…. Whoo. Thought the Christmas break would never end. Days sleeping in, having fun with friends. Thank God that’s over. Well, next Monday anyway, I went into the office yesterday. Yeah, tumbleweeds started blowing across the lobby. Today I work from home, typing in the nude. Love it.

We took the tree down in record time this year, about twenty minutes after we came home from Christmas. Mostly because we needed the floor space, also because I get really depressed when seeing a tree sans its pressies, speaking of which here’s Steve countdown list:
Let’s countdown Steve’s top five best but, incredibly nerdy Christmas presents….
5) Two words: Carpenter Jeans
4) A red T-shirt with the word COMMUNIST printed across the chest.
3) Season eight of DALLAS the TV series
2) A Police Call Box print T-shirt

And the number one pressie...
1) Transformers underwear, with MEGATRON printed across the ass.

And before you start asking for a photo essay of Steve rump inscribed with Megatron, I’m not that kind of girl….Okay so I am. Yes! Stop asking I put them up later…

I hope y’all had a great time of it. What’s the plan for New Years anyway? Are you hosting one of your famous parties? Can I come to your house and eat all of your shrimp cocktail?


Wonder Man said...

The red COMMUNIST T-shirt sounds cool.

The Mutant said...

While I'm sure the Megatron knickers are just lovely (and I do look forwrad to seeing them) hows about putting your money where your mouth is and providing some evidence of this typing in the nude? I tried it one, but seeing as I never work from home some of my co-workers started to feel a little threatened

Homer said...

I have to leave my tree up for a while to make Mama happy. Last year I took it down on January 20.

Michael Rivers said...

I got my tree down earlier too. I never made it back home to South Dakota because of the midwestern storm. Had three flights canceled. So I just took down all my Christmas stuff. LOL. Hopefully go home this upcoming weekend.

buffguy said...

Sweet. Megatron! Do they transform... into jock or something? :D that'd be some kickass underpants.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Hey mate

Repeat after me..."My New Years resolution for 2010 is to take part in every '5 on the fifth' to keep Stephen happy"


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