Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I’m alone in the office today. Why, because I didn’t think to bring my work home last night so I had to come in. Smart, he ain’t.

But I’m in sweats….

I’m a homosexual; get me out of here….

Like any self respecting fudge packer, I should be home baking pies; pies I tried to start last night…. Until several Homosexual crisis came to the Emergency Stevie Phone.

“Help, my kitchen chandelier simply won’t due for Thanksgiving!” So rushing over to the Homo-in-need I switched out the brass and glass for a hand oil rubbed bronze pendant. Dat-Dat-Da!! “Thanks StevieB!”

Back at South Fork, right after getting the flour and butter together…“Honey, we have a horrible lack of lighting on the piano. Do you think there’s a lighting store still open?” Off we zoom in the StevieB-mobile to find a lighting store to find a tastefully under stated music light. After four stores and three-hundred times of Steve saying “What? You don’t want to accidently fall into bad lighting?”* The mission was successfully moved online. Dat-Dat-Da!! “Thanks StevieB!”

If all goes to plan I should be able to sneak back to South Fork with my lap-top set up next to the spring form pans and completed my duty to homo thanksgiving. God speed. And if no one picks today to fall out of love with their wall colors.

*Clueless refrence, from Clueless the movie and also just clueless.


Dale W. said...

Your Dalek's just exterminated Ten!Doc. This is not good.

Loving the sweats/tshirt combo though!

Randy P. said...

O Stevie B! You are so big and strong.... wouldn't you be able to slip over and texture my walls for me? (batting my eyes...)

Pac said...

Can you help me StevieB? I want to put up my Christmas lights but I'm embarrassed for my neighbors to see me.

Blobby said...

you' :)

oh right, of course you are - i mean, the "clueless"reference. Duh!

Word Verification: Swashi

StevieB said...

Just recieved this text: "Hey. Cant live with wall colors...but need to repaint everything tonight so dry for friday...are u available?"

Just awesome.

Wonder Man said...

Stevie to the rescue

Scooter said...

Hey Stevie B - can you come over and help me spackle my walls ?? lol - Happy Thanksgiving !

cb said...

Well, I guess that chest "S" really stood for "Stevie". Who knew?