Monday, November 22, 2010


I love the week of American Thanksgiving. The traffic seems to disappear and  the gym is deserted. I guess all the Dudes figure that eating their weight in carbs makes this week a cast off. I’m just the opposite, must burn as many calories a possible to stop the guilt on Thursday and Friday. This never works.

I went for a run yesterday morning to pace myself for making cheesecake this coming Wednesday. The park also was deserted. It MIGHT have something to do with it being 36 degrees out….. Maybe. I’ve got to ask Santa for cold running gear. Brrrrrrr.

This is going to be a great week. I told my boss that I was going to wear “jammies” all week (I’ll post pictures) and I’m pretty excited about using my new food processor to make a pumpkin cheesecake, two pumpkin pies, and a chocolate cheesecake. This year I’m following Martha’s recipe to make home-made pie crusts. I’ll keep you posted on the hilarious outcome. God help us all.

Although Thanksgiving is four days away I’ve already started to annoy people with my Christmas presents. Yes, my bud Dale in the UK has given me my first Sonic Screwdriver.* Several of them actually, so a huge thanks to Dale for my huge Christmas box from the UK. I have already started to shove my Pertwee and Eccleston sonics into people’s faces enough to bug the pa-Jebus out of them. I've found that if I hold my sonic Screwdriver in one hand and my key fob in the other, I can unlock my car. Amazing.
The Christmas package full of Doctor Who yummyness from Dale came to my work on Friday. As a co-worker brought it into my office she noticed the Royal Mail stamps and asked why the Queen was sending me boxes. Really? Because the box says “Royal Mail” on it it’s from the Queen? My retort of it being a royal box from a Royal Queen and to a flaming Queen was lost on her. She got soniced later.

So, yeah. Four days until the binge fest.

*It’s a Doctor Who thing, you wouldn’t understand.


DW. said...

That's ma boy!

Scooter said...

lol - i got's my Sonic Screwdrivers too .... if you need a great , no-fail pie crust recipe let me know. A Greek lady at work gave me hers & it's impossible to screw up ...

Pac said...

In honor of royal blow off week I'm working from home today, coincidentally, also in my sleeping attire. I don't wear pajamas though.

Wonder Man said...

I wish I could show up to work in my jammies


Why do your friends send you cool gifts and mine send me "cease and desist" orders and the Police?