Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I guess jumping upon unsuspecting picnic tables is the new way to warm up before a run.

I'm pretty proud of myself today; sore enough that I can't move, but proud. I had the longest and best run I've ever experienced both on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They were longer and faster due to how I pulled my carcass to the park Saturday morning. I started out with my normal clomping foot in front of foot method which always causes aching in my feet and calves. For some reason the proper running form that I've read about for years but never had been close to finding just clicked into place for the first time, my hulking frame moved into a runners stance and the pressure and force moved away from my feet and into the larger muscles designed to take the impact. Suddenly I felt like a nine-teen year old running for the first time.

I ran two laps around Cheeseman Park, laughing at the speed I was making. This is when I noticed the other runners attacking the picnic tables.

From a standing position they would leap up landing upon the concrete table top. Then spring down to the soft ground. Over and over. I started to ponder about my medical insurance and if it would cover a self-induced blow to the head. I envisioned my attempt resulting in my face first impact and its concussion causing results. Since it’s a public park I’d look like a drunk passed out and I lay there for the day slowly coming through with amnesia. That’s when the hilarity of having amnesia would begin.

Maybe, I just stick to being a tree pusher to warm up.  If you don’t hear from me, please look for a drunk in Cheesemen Park with really nice Pumas.


Pac said...

What size Pumas?

DW said...

LOL @ Pac!!

Nice one, Stevie, glad you've found your stride again - quite literally. I was forcilby stopped from jogging/running after I dented a viaduct and made a big hole in Arizona which I belive they successfully blamed on "a meteor" instead.

Wonder Man said...

Okay, I'll check for clean Pumas

cb said...

Come here and train me to run better! I'll chase you, etc.