Monday, November 29, 2010


The end of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks Jebus I’m back to work where there are only salads to eat. I forget every year what a food-fest the four five day stretch really is.

My cheesecakes and pies where a hit on Thursday. Then again on Friday my cheesecake received praise from a Fuzz’s Mother as she noticed there wasn’t a single crack on the top of my chocolate cheesecake. High praise indeed. Although I ate my weight in rich stuffing and turkey I also polished off quite a bit of this…..

I kind of had a hangover for DATGS, the Day After ThanksGiving shopping. Our group of Homos trudging out to the mall in the early morning air. We settled on coffee and the huge sale at the Gap. Really it was to cruise the boys and get some amazing deals on sweaters, Dalton kept piling 60% off sweats into our arms until we could pull him out of the store. After one more stop in a trendy clothing store where I suddenly stopped and realized that everyone in the store had been born after Whitney Houston’s first album, we were done.

The rest of the weekend was fueled by this….

Plate after plate of left-overs, and since Fuzz’s people are Italian the turkey was fortified by sausage, meatballs and other un-pronounceable pasta dishes. This led to a hard start on Sunday for this….

Back to running, and running. I figure to burn off everything I ate last week I’ll need to run from Denver to Cape Horn. I better start now.


Dale W. said...

You'll have it burned off in no time at all, especially in that cold air!

Wonder Man said...

That's what I spent all weekend doing... Burning it off

Pac said...

I ate salad on Sunday. An iceberg wedge covered in bleu cheese and bacon surrounded by medium-rare strips of sirloin steak. I haven't even had breakfast yet, but I'm thinking it might be another salad day.

Blobby said...

Well, if they were all born after WH's first album, then they got to miss the scrodeling she did, the continual playing of "I Will Always Love You" and the trainwreck she became. Lucky them.