Monday, November 15, 2010


Mid November always finds me in a funk. This happens every year, the snow has started and Thanksgiving is weeks away. Maybe it’s a combination of having to finally break down a put on a coat and the thought of never keeping my car clean. Last week was the apex of the Steviefunk. Although it wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been, maybe this was because in the past I would drive in and through this….

This year I’m driving in and through this….

Just maybe.

The helpful intervention was when Fuzzy noticed that I skipped workouts and found me in the middle of the bed watching pay-per-view. Balancing cheese pizza on my belly. Fuzzy quickly recognized that the Steviefunk was approaching and knew the cure. Small home appliances.

This year it was a high end food processor.

How does he know that  I love things that plug in with blinky lights? Yep. And as today I’m slim, trim and gay. Whoo-hoo. Back to the gym, back to reality.

Sunday was Jerrod’s daughters Sweet Sixteen birthday party. I do love when the Jerrod throws a party for his daughter. Mostly because it was in a private room at Hamburger Mary’s a local gay bar famous for their Thumpa-Thumpa music and Bloody Marys. It was my kind of Sweet Sixteen. The kind I prayed for when I turned sixteen. Instead, when I turned Sixteen I was taken into the inner rooms of the Mormon temple and had the 40 year old male elders lay their hands on me.

Now that I think of it….. It really wasn’t that much different from the party yesterday. For me anyway.


Pac said...

They truly are your better half when they A) recognize the warning signs and B) know the cure.

Wonder Man said...

I hope the HM had hooter guys laying hands on you

dalethetimelord said...

Sorry to hear about the oncoming storm, fella... If I can help at all, gizza yell!

Scooter said...

yeah - those "about me" scetions are a pain...