Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I hate the “about me” section on any form. It just seams crazy to me so I end up avoiding them like Jake Gyllenhaal avoids OUT Magazine.

After years of walking around the little blocks on my MySpace Facebook page I finally defined the StevieB.

Talking about the TV show Glee with me will only get you a glazed-over look as I plot on how I can get away from you. I don’t know, nor do I care how the Droid or other phones compare against the iPhone. I’d rather be in cargo shorts right now. Want to get to know me? Feed me Chinese food. The best song ever next to Caswell’s - Ice-cream Truck is Robyn’s - Be Mine. I’m Into House Music, Top Gear, Thai Noodles, Doctor Who, Godzilla, Bauhaus (band and school) and pushing plates at the gym. But, not necessarily in that order.

I’d like to add that the next person to use the phrase “Bitches!” Is going to get socked in the eye, but that’s probably not the way to make friends.


Pac said...


Unless you don't like the "Like". Then disregard.

dalethetimelord said...

So far I've mamanged to avoid "Glee"... this decade's version of "Fame", I imagine. I actively discourage the subject by threatening to stab whomever talks about it to me to death with a melon baller... and the same applies with Britain's Pop Strictly Ice Big Celebrity Dance Talent Brother Factor. They see the somewhat pointed end to my arguemtn quite quickly, and start running.

Pac said...

Picture it... Christmas Eve, 2009. By brother and his family decide to spend the holidays with me on the way to Florida to spend New Years. I have no idea how to entertain teenagers, and there's nothing open. My brother just finished rehab so getting myself liquored up wasn't even an option. But I did just get a new AppleTV from Santa. Imagine spending the next 36 hours watching the entire first season of Glee. Wait... this gift isn't from Santa... it's from Satan!

I think the only think that saved me was my cookie-induced semi-catatonia.

Wonder Man said...

Yeah, the Bitches thing is getting old

cb said...

Why you bitchuz got to be bitchuz like dat?

Oh, and you were joking about the "Icecream Truck" song, right? Buehller??

I call it the "Ice Pick" song-- as it makes me want to pith myself with an ice pick to my medulla oblongata.