Monday, July 19, 2010


I received the latest mix CD from my favorite DJ over the weekend. My bud Nick and I were gay waiters together back in the ol’ college days. He was a DJ back in the day and has really just aged to perfection. Visit his Facebook page here. You’re really gonna love what you hear. That, and he is totally hot.

Yesterday I started off with a run in the park. Man, how I love the Sunday morning runs. I then hung out with the guys at Cherry Creek Mall to buy some “vacation threads” and since I still hadn’t bought sunglasses I bought two pair…..

I guess I’ve decided to be a twenty-two year old twink. Again. At 38 and at 230 lbs. Go figure. We ended the day at our local Bear Beer Bust or BBB. This is where I heard a classic piece of bullshit fly out of my mouth on why all the gay men around us were wearing camo cargo shorts.

“Well….Dolce & Gabbana invented the cargo short years ago. It was because they knew that gay men should never wear fanny packs but, needed extra pockets for their water bottles and tiny bags of K.”

The response was one of “Oh…I never knew that.”

Tell your friends.


Dead Robot said...

While I was standing in the door of Apple being the perfect greeter - smiles, hellos and an iPad in hand - I overheard two gay guys totally macking on a mutual friend for wearing "Old Navy - head to toe"

I looked down and except for the corporate blue Apple shirt, I was wearing Old Navy, except for shoes.

I am old.

Dead Robot said...

Oh and my point? Cargo pants (cammo, chino or otherwise) are the summer manpurses for all, regardless what they carry in it.

I'd have a seriously damaged camera if we didn't have cargo shorts.

Michael Rivers said...

Finally an answer to this question. LOL.

Very nice pics of you!

Blobby said...

Oddly enough, the first pair of shades works for you. I'm not feelin' the 2nd pair that much.

Gay waiters! Well THAT is redundant! :)

The Mutant said...

Oh Honey, I don't think those glasses are big enough - I can still see your lips.

Wonder Man said...

nice sunglasses and very, very nice pics of you

Will said...

I never wear them. I'm short, and I think they make me look even shorter. Most men do not look hot in cargo shorts, but a rare few do.

dccised said...

totes knew it

cb said...

I still rank cargo shorts as #3 on the all time invention list.

Behind the microchip and sliced bread of course.