Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We went for a run in Cheeseman Park on Sunday. And by “run” I mean dragging Fuzzy around the park like a new puppy. As we made our first turn I pointed to an old thirties apartment building right on the park.

“The first time I tricked with a guy it was in that building.” I casually mentioned. “But, it wasn’t his place he probably was a kept man.”

“Really, how did you know?” Fuzz asked.

“Because when I was pounding him I was looking around wondering why a twenty-five year old would have so much chenille in his life.”

Fuzz giggled. “I slept over at someone’s house and when I got cold, so I grab the grandmothers chenille blanket of the end of the bed. I woke up to the person beating me for using it.”

“You would have wiped you dick off on their grandmother’s chenille throw? Wouldn’t you?” I asked in mocking disgust.


“You’re more animal then man!” I said with utter disdain.



Dead Robot said...

What an utter brute Fuzzy is. Goodness. (hands to pearls)

The Mutant said...

The old cock-wipe on the curtains is a winner every time. I always make sure to do it every time I make a midnight call. I consider it my unique calling-card.

Wonder Man said...

That "wiping" challenges my proper southern upbringing

Damien Oz said...

Fuzz sounds like my kinda dude - I used to wipe on the back of the shorts / jeans they were wearing :)

That way I could hope they would walk down the street with protein butt :)

Blobby said...

“You’re more animal then man!”

...and THAT is why you're w/him. :)