Friday, July 23, 2010


Tomorrow officially starts my vacation to Seattle, Washington.

Our bud Mike invited us to stay the week at his family’s beach house on Vashon Island across the bay from Seattle. Just a quaint little Island house right on the beach. Since we’re staying on Vashon Island then traveling via fairy to Seattle I’m not sure how my connectivity will be. So, maybe we’ll be updated the blog. Not sure yet.

What am I most excited to do in Seattle? Sadly, go to a gay gym. I love two things when I travel to another city. Visit their fast food joints and work out at the local gay gym. These are the best way to get the flavor and vibe of any city.

Gold’s Gym in the Capitol Hill area seems to be the first pick. With a review from like “This is one of the skankiest gyms I've ever worked out at. The men's locker room is lit like the backroom of a gay bar….”

Seriously sounds like my kind of place. But, I’m open to other suggestions.


Link995 said...

You guys are going to have a blast. I hope to see some great pics on your blog. I am sure J n M will take some good ones too.

Thanks for the tip on the gym, I will have to check that out when I move there.. LOL Have a great trip

Dead Robot said...

Have fun, wear flip flops.

Homer said...

Please take pictures in the locker room

Blobby said...

Have fun while you're there. said 'fairy'.

Skanky/backroom gym/lockerrooms are fun for an afternoon, but when I want to workout, those cruising distractions are just that - distractions.

Wonder Man said...

have fun and be good

Michael Rivers said...

Have a great time!! I'm looking forward to a full report.