Thursday, July 15, 2010


If you don’t watch the television program, Doctor Who please skip to QUESTION 42. If you do follow Doctor Who continue reading...

Have you watched the season/series finale of Doctor Who yet? You know that I’m gay for the kids television show, Doctor Who. Stupid BBC America and will start part one this Saturday. I say stupid because the series has aired three weeks ago in the UK and most people have already watch it on YouTube. I did try to find out when it’s airing on Australia’s network (ABC) but the website was upside down.*

I’m such a gay nerd for Doctor Who that I’ve started a big gay doctor fan group on Facebook. God... I really am just a fourteen year old dork. In the body of a rather large gay man. If you’re also still a nerdy kid. Check it out on Facebook. DOCTOR WHO GUYS. And if you’re not my FB friend yet hit me up.


This is Tom Hopper. Dreamy isn’t he? One day we’re going to get gay married. He was on Doctor Who once. See what you’re missing.

*Bad joke just for Kez.


The Mutant said...

I see what you did there - you'll be rather pleased to know that the ABC website also swirls down the drain the wrong way too. I just went and checked.

You can fix the problem by reading the website standing on your head. That way you and I will be of the same orientation ever so briefly.

Mike from Adelaide said...

Here in Oz we had the last part on Sunday. I didn't like this doctor orginally, but now he's grown on me...a bit like fungus really, but in a good way.

Wonder Man said...

he is dreamy