Friday, July 2, 2010


The other half is gone for ten days. This means that for ten whole days I’m going to have the freedom and security of a clean bathroom. Cutie Mr. Fuzz-face is off to Washington DC for a convention of……some…. sort. I’m sure he told me but I’ve been singularly fixated on buying the new iPhone to care about breathing much less real life. Everything has just been a blur, homosexual lifetime companion partner gone for weeks out of the house? IPhone? Ran over three kids in a cross walk? IPhone?

With your other half gone don’t you just revert back to primordial gay caveman days? Rawr…. Xtube for hours on end…..Grrrrrr, ugg BMB ugg! It also means ten days of eating nothing but Morningstar veggie burgers and wheat toast.

He did ask me where to find a gay gym in DC. I pointed to this iPhone and suggested that he types in “DuPont Circle” into the map and the rest will work itself out. I had an odd feeling of releasing a steroid infused baby hedgehog into the wild. Hopefully when he returns he’ll have a DC gym t-shirt for me, some new stuff and things for his work and maybe I’ll have a new iPhone to show him.


Sean said...

He should go to Results on U St NW - it's totally a gay gym but not cruisey.

Wonder Man said...

hopefully you will get that iPhone

Blobby said...

I was going to point him to Resluts too (no, not a typo), but Sean beat me to it.

My 4G arrives in a week or so. I should have just waited and walked into (and out of) an AT&T store w/it. Fucking pre-order bullshit!

cb said...

me want too.