Friday, July 9, 2010


I ran into my bud and fellow Denver blogger, Howard from the Web Pen Blog last night at Dazbog, our local gay coffee spot. He’s so damn cute. He reminded of a Robot mix he had on his site. See it, hear it, feel it here.

Don’t you just love killer robot music? Yeah I thought so.

In other news, it’s like been like a week and like Steve is still fighting with his inner gay geek to not slam two-hundred bucks in the face of a sales person at the Apple store. Just to slump down in a corner, caressing his new iLover iPhone. Giggling like a fundamentalist petting his revolver after a visit to an abortion clinic. I think Bill had the best quote about the new iPhone.

“Tempt not a desperate man.” William Shakespeare

That girl knows the gay man’s burden of walking around with a two year old phone in his Lucky jeans. It’s hard. So hard. *

I used my two year old iPhone to snap a picture in the rain the other day. After waxing my car I was excited to see rain bead up on the hood. So beautiful! *

*Yes, Fuzzy comes back from his trip tomorrow. In case you’re wondering if I lost touch with reality being alone for ten days.


Dead Robot said...

Canada is still iPhone-less. I did get to touch one last night. Can't wait!

Its amazing how Americans get an "Oh that's so sad!" look on their face when they see Canada doesn't have new Apple tech. Like we're a puppy in a cage.

Howard said...

Ahhh, aren't you sweet. And the feeling is mutual, mister. Hooray for our appreciation club!

I listen to the mix last night at work after we talked.

How about this: wait, until the next software update and then see. :)

StevieB said...

Well by the time Canada gets the new iPhone maybe Apple will have fixed the multitude of problems. Like ya know…. Connectivity. Or having the same side effects as Alli. Howard’s smart waiting for the next generation.

Blobby said...

Mine ships next week. I'm so excited. Of course, I ordered black and already changing my mind before it even arrives!

Wonder Man said...

If the iPhone had a LV app, I wold consider getting one

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.

cb said...

I don't know if you can just "plunk down" cash and get one. I think there's a huge wait list... again.