Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is nothing better than the Fourth of July weekend in the old US. Nothing. I got up early on Saturday and headed to Chessman Park to strip down and put a coat of wax on my car. I’ve never hand waxed a car before, but then I’ve never wanted to be in the warm sun in the gay park wearing only gym shorts  cared for one of my cars that much. So with a Big Gulp in one hand and a towel in the other I celebrated Americas’ Birthday by polishing up the sports sedan and worked on getting rid of my tan lines.

Saturday night was boy’s night out at the Denver Wrangler. At the local bear bar we stood around and enjoyed the cool night air. Apparently they’ve started serving a great new drink. So good I had four glasses… or mugs since it was hot coffee. Great. I turned into my Dad, drinking hot coffee at ten o’clock at night.

Sunday was a road trip with the boys, five big guys in a Kia Soul followed by a meet up that evening for a great party Sunday night. Our buddy has a condo on the eighth floor overlooking Downtown Denver and all the fireworks displays. Even with the rain starting right at nine PM we huddled on the balcony to watch the fireworks around the city.

Yesterday was a great BBQ over at Frank’s house. Just a relaxing day in the back yard with friends. Then an early evening in bed. Since Fuzz is out of town the dog and I were able to stretch out in the middle of the bed like a swastika and watch as much classic Doctor Who via Netflix as we could stand.

Alas now it’s back to reality. On the bright side,  BFF Dalton has discovered his camera on his new iPhone and has started sending me video post cards. So, here’s a postcard from Dalton enjoying his weekend in Brooklyn.


Homer said...

Tell Dalton his walks would be much better SHIRTLESS

The Mutant said...

Hang on a minute... You celebrated the independence of your glorious nation with a bunch of Korean cars?

And you consider the Magentis (sorry, Optima) a sports sedan?

And you can say "polishing up the sports sedan" without it being a euphamism for anything other than waxing your auto?

And you went to a bear bar for a big mug of Joe?

Wait... That last one makes sense to me. Kinda.

Wonder Man said...

I bet you were driving the boys crazy waxing your big ole truck