Monday, July 12, 2010


Eleven days until we head to Seattle. I haven’t had a real vacation in…… Wow. A long time. Is it too soon to start packing? Cargo shorts? Check. Sleeveless T-shirts? Check. Swim trunks? Check. Three pair of Pumas? Check. Well that was easy.

I started researching great things to do in Seattle along with things to do on the Island we’re staying on. Being the huge geek that I am, I’m very excited to see the Monorail and the site of the 1962 World’s Fair. As with every city I visit I need to stop in to the Seattle Eagle to pick up a T-shirt. This will add to my “LEATHER BAR T-SHIRTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD” collection in the third drawer of my dresser.  It’s very prestigious.

Although for most of the week we’re going to be at a beach house on Vashon, Island so I won’t need a T-shirt. Just Coppertone and some trunks. Digging for geoducks….. that I will not eat.

Must act like human for eleven more days! Must not give in to the urge of coming to work in a Speedo and flip-flops.


Howard said...

Cam & I just got our tickets for Portland last week for Labor Day weekend. A friend of his is getting married.

We have that Friday planned to spend the entire day at the coast. Newport and Mo's clam chowder. Can't wait!

Wonder Man said...

if you do the Speedo, I dare you to post it

The Mutant said...

What do you mean you have to resist the ugre to come to work in a speedo and flip-flops? I do it all the time. It gives the mechanics at work quite a giddy little thrill!

You know that, even if you don't eat one, you're going to have to pose with a geoduck and post it. Yeah... you know that I'm talkin' 'bout!

Peter said...

11 days until Vancouver for us, so just up the road. I'm delighted for you and also a little jealous.

Blobby said...

one pair of underwear per day of