Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night was one of those nights that rarely happen. Like when you where living at home and you spent the evening just hanging out in your room. After work I spent a lot of energy convincing myself that I was going to the gym, but I was not going for a run afterwards. Lazy sod. This “deal” got back home earlier then my normal to which the dog seemed appreciative.

I then spent the remains of the day wandering around the manor house. I synced the iTunes to the stereo that “shall not be touched as to change a setting” and proceeded to dance around to music I’ve not heard in months. About this time I rediscovered my love for tiny Asian girl music.*

Dancing around in nothing but gym shorts and texting away to Patrick the dog began to get embarrassed for us both. I stopped dancing in hopes that his judgmental glance would stop when I turned to see what he was really looking towards. The neighbor blatantly staring through the entry sidelight window. I guess tiny Asian girl music is an acquired taste.

Speaking of dinner, four English muffins and a can of peaches in water with three slices of facon* for dessert.

*Fat free turkey bacon.


Dale W. said...

There should be video of you in your gym shorts dancing to tiny Asian girl music.

Pac said...

Note to self: begin text conversations with "So... what are you wearing?"

Greg said...

to add to Dale's request: you should also be eating a rasher of facon while performing said dance.

Randy P. said...

A "judgmental glaze" that goes great on a "sanctimonious cake".

Stephen Chapman said...

That looks horrible!

cb said...

Move over Sizzlean, now there's something FAKIER.

Ew. Just.... ew.