Thursday, April 21, 2011


Duly impressed with other bloggers* taking up the writing challenge, I have decided to take the blog writing challenge. See all sixty-four challenges here. God help me.

Question Three:
Your first love

To make things interesting let’s talk about my first love that stomped on my wittle heart. This was the guy that made it impossible for me to ever date a guy with initials for a name. J.T. was an amateur bodybuilder and all-around muscle bound meat head. He was in his late twenties and I had just turned twenty. I quickly became enamored with his aura and soon became his doormat. As I couldn’t go out to bars I would give him cash so he could go have drinks then show up drunk in the early morning for a booty call.

This is when I truly grew up. No matter how attractive a guy is our how well they treat you in bed. It’s all about respect. For the other person and yourself.


Wonder Man said...

true words

Jim said...

I like to say that a person is a "package deal" they might be extremely handsome but if they treat you badly it doesn't work, for me anyway. I want a nice combination of good looks and great personality.

Dale W. said...

never a truer word, Stevie. xx

cb said...

Please tell me he at LEAST was good sex (or had a big penis)... cuz otherwise he would have been good for about ONE date in my book.