Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Thanks to Jim from Jim’s Stuff for the question… "How are you different in person from your blog persona?”

In sixth grade, Mrs. Wilson gave our class an assignment. Write a diary. Sitting in the front coat-closet at home I opened up my new spiral bound notebook and started to write. But what does the undersized runt of a Mormon litter have to write about? Well, quite a lot actually. At the time, being a fay Mormon boy made my life mirror that of Jane Eyre. One of quite service and self-denial. In my first weeks of writing I weaved a tail of composed yearning. One day I would be just like the men in the Sears Catalog. Spend my days in high wasted white briefs without the need for pants or shirts as they would cover up my washboard abs. Causally leaning against my Formica kitchen countertop I’d pour a cup of morning coffee for my “buddy” who happens to be sporting a thigh-length hooded robe.

“What? We have to turn in our diary to be graded on our composition skills?” Gulp!

I received an “B” on my writing and Mrs. Wilson added in red ink that maybe Mr. Plate the gym coach could help me on my physical dedication. A comment that I took as more in the coffee pouring aspect then the doing sit-ups field. As Mr. Plate tossed a basketball into my face later that day I pondered, maybe she’s setting me up with Mr. Plate?

Since Mrs. Wilson’s class I’ve always written down my thoughts, keeping countless notebooks as I’ve grown. When I started to read online journals or blogs my thought of moving my writing to an online was quickly countered with the understanding that my head doesn’t belong in a format to potentially bore people to death. Yet, something kept dragging me back to the idea. I believe it was the Durban Bud blog, that got me started. Sunday, November 11th. 2007 I began to talk about the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

So…"How are you different in person from your blog persona"?

I have always approached my blog persona as the kid in the front coat closet. It is my safe spot to decompress from life without shoving my narcissistic tendencies down the throats of real life passersby. I would start each entry with: Dear Diary, Tonight was really my night… If it didn’t smack of Veronica Sawyer. I believe that my StevieB persona verses my Steve persona is one of clarity.


Damien Oz said...

This is an interesting piece of writing.

Its makes one ask the same question.

This was cool. Thanks Steve

Jim said...

So you were raised Mormon too? That explains a lot! LOL

nice post!

and thanks for the shout out!

BosGuy said...

I've contemplated this a lot too. However, most of my family reads my blog so if anything, there's probably very little difference in my case. Its not like I'm about to start talking about my sexual exploits. Recently I've become more bold (e.g. including a weekly post about my #MenOfTwitter).