Thursday, February 11, 2010

I do not care about Alexis Stewart's bowels!

I have to say that I really like my new car’s satellite radio. Although, I did scan through the “talk” channels the other day and three different groups of talking heads were discussing their bowels. This wasn’t Howard Stern; this included OutQ the gay channel and the ever creepy Alexis Stewart on the Martha Stewart channel.

Fuzzy and I were driving back from the Über-Target last night jamming out to BBC Radio1, having a great time when the news and sports came on. After a little while of the Brits going on about new somebody playing someone for the title of something Fuzzy turned to me and said “Do you understand anything they’re saying?” “Nope!” I cheerfully responded. “But, isn’t cool! It’s satellite.”

I think I'll just stick to the dance channels. Channel 80 Area, is trance and progressive house music. Wow, this channel may just save my commutes. I can just chill out and relax on the highway without fear of having to hear about anyone’s bowels, ever.


Homer said...

I am very disgusted with your bowelphobia! Have you considered talking to a bowel and seeing what it is like to be one? Shame! I hate to think what your opinions are on bladders!!!

Wonder Man said...

that's not cute

Anonymous said...

In the words of your friend Jay-Rod- I just shat a little! fc

Blobby said...

you could have stopped at:

"I do not care about Alexis Stewart". Period.

That statement, not only includes her bowels, but her toes, head and any thoughts that come out of it.