Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Over the weekend I went to the Local Premier of Paul Festa's Apparition of the Eternal Church. A film based on composer Olivier Messiaen’s Catholic ecstasies on the Notre Dame cathedral organ.

The premier was hosted by Fuzzy, the better half. He looked so cute in his little tux. In the Movie a wide range of people are filmed listening to Messiaen’s Apparition of the Eternal Church through head phones. Recording their emotional response to the powerful cathedral’s music. One of the participants in the film was Harold Bloom, you remember Harold, he wrote all those books that you were forced to read about Shakespeare. Mostly, because he knew Shakespeare personally.

To balance out this night of Catholicism and Poofy French composers. I found a debate on Youtube that better sums up man's quest to understand Gods plan and Men’s comprehension of the universe.

Via Henchmen 21 and 24 from the Venture Brothers.

Oh, 21.


Anonymous said...

oh 24. R.I.P.

i havne't seen any of the new season, but according to wikipedia. 24 is back as a ghost or something.

Geoff said...

I like the balance of the youtube vid....very yin and yang!

Wonder Man said...

The new season was good