Tuesday, February 9, 2010


A definition from Urban Dictionary:

a nickname sounds almost childlike,
BUT it's what you should call your loving
boyfriend/friend if his name is Steven or such names alike.
he's a boy who is hands down, amazing!
that has a heart like gold, big
lovable eyes and a smile that makes you
go 'awww, I love you'. So basically he
is terribly cute. He's genuine, one in
a million, and also makes a great friend.

g.Gore: "So how was your weekend?"

m.Hazard: "Oh great, I mean I hung out with
my awesome boyfriend Stevie"

b.Breakdown: "oooooh!"

YES, Urban Dictionary is total bullshit. BUT when it starts to stroke your ego, you’re all like…Yeah, it’s totally like true. Totally.


Wonder Man said...

well, you do have great eyes

Blobby said...

Urban Dictionary is not total bullshit. How else would one find out what a Cleveland Steamer or Dirty Sanchez is?