Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Congratulations to everyone who voted in the When Will My Village Take Down The Christmas Crap contest. This morning I was flying through the rounda-boots at high speed and noticed that the street lights are all naked. They may have taken down all the holiday wreaths and lights in that last couple of days but at that early hour I’m usually avoiding collisions with the sleepy Corsica drivers of our town to notice anything.

Corsica drivers don’t understand traffic circles, I’m just saying. They like their roads on the straight and narrow. Like their minds.

I guess It’s the time of year when I just sit and wait for Spring. That and for the local town public works to start attaching the iridescence, light up Easter eggs to the main street’s “old-timey” light poles. Ooooh…. I can’t wait for the He Has Arisen signs to pop up on the church lawns. The Zion creepy church nearest our house ALWAYS has some sort of weird message on its marquee. This week it’s “Christians are like pianos – they require frequent tuning.”
What the frick does that even mean? My response was Christians are like pianos, pianos are just lighter.


Homer said...

Christian are just like organs, but often a little flatter.

SharkBoy said...

not all christians are lighter than pianos...