Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CTW - Choose The Windex

I was franticly wiping down the sink the other morning. I was late leaving the house but, needed to clean up. Needed to make the house perfect, I always laugh at my OCD, making the house shine before I leave. I’ve always chalked this up to making life easier on my partner. Make the house clean upon his waking and us returning home after a hard day.

As I wiped the sink with Windex something else hit me. The un-announced attack of the Family Home Teachers. The Mormon Church's answer to a home inspection squad disguised as home delivery of Joseph Smith. They haven’t attacked in quite awhile, and I haven’t let one sit across from me since I lived at home. Yet the fear that someone may come in your house to check in to see if your trash is emptied, runs deep. Programmed into my DNA, my CTR ring finger twitched.

“Stupid Brother Shoop.” I muttered under my breath as I wiped down the dog’s tongue marks from the trash can. “You wouldn’t know a one-hundred dollar stainless steel trash can if it hit you in your face.” I giggled to myself, thinking that not only do I remember the name of our Family Home Teacher we had as a child, but I’m still involved in his judgment. Well, at least our kitchen gets clean.