Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I started chatting to a muscled torso on Scruff the other day. Isn’t it funny how we talk online these days to headless men? It was the typical stuff: “how’s life on your side of the planet, you’re hot. No, you’re hot” kind of intellectual gravitas. We exchanged stats and after I clicked the blue SEND button there was a long pause. I went back to my book.

“You’re 39?” popped up. “You don’t look 39?”

Wait. Let’s just stop right here…. Has this started? You look great for your age stage. You’re young for your age. Yes, I understand that it’s a complement. Sort of. And everyone that’s had to listen to me whine about this says the same thing. Well it’s true you look great…for 39.

I guess it’s time for a DaddyHunt profile. Because I’m all about embracing my Daddy role, or maybe I’ll just work the “big bro” role for as long as I can.


Dale W. said...

Well, Mr Headless is true, you do look great. *long happy sigh*


The rest of it is simply a number.

Pac said...

Big brotherly advice: Get used to it. It's gonna to be that way until the day you decide to stop being so damn hot.

That's why I put my age in my profile to filter out anyone who might have a problem with it. Although a lot of messages start, "You're 44? No way!" Uh, way.

I have a secret crush on a guy at the gym. Chatting with him Monday he mentioned how excited he was to learn his son and daughter-in-law are expecting. So if you think you got problems, I just graduated from DILFs to GILFs.

Kelly said...

Go with it... and just be glad when you have facial hair it is not grey like mine...otherwise I would die my hair, it makes me look even younger...

Randy P. said...

And here I am, emerging from a 10 year relationship... and all of a sudden all the IM's and chats I get start with "Papi!" or "Daddy" or "Sir" I'm rolling with my inner daddy this year.

Greg said...

Embrace the Daddy.

Hmm . . . could be a t-shirt slogan.

Homer said...

Ohmigod, I thought you were 38!!!

Wonder Man said...

It should be, Greg

Damien Oz said...

Stevie - youre my age and you look ten years younger than me.


biotch..... kidding - no....... biotch.... kidding........ no really

Jim said...

You're still a babe!
and you do look great!

Blobby said...

You're only 39??? :)

Years ago, years before I was ready, my oldest friend told me I should embrace being a 'Daddy'.

I didn't talk to him for a month.

cb said...

It could be worse. I had a young whelp on manhunt the other day look at my grey daddy goatee profile picture and say "Dude, you are so lying about being 40."

I blocked the bitch.