Friday, March 4, 2011


Next week I’m going to launch a blogging idea called FIVE DEGREES. Five aspects that people might not know. Since I don’t have a lot of secrets in my blogging* I thought it would be great to take five themes and write about them. Here are the topics:

Dumbest Thing 
Toughest Choice
Happiest Moment
Crush / Lust
Secret Loves

Monday I’ll start with the dumbest moment of my life. It has something to do with fellatio and me walking funny.  I hope you enjoy the carnage, but if your a blogger you're welcome to join in, write anything you feel along these ideas and let me know where we can read them.

*Complete strangers have come up to me and said “Are you that Mormon Puma blogger?”


Dale W. said...

Sounds good, count me and my blog in. Same themes, next week. It's a date.

Blobby said...

Oooh. A challenge. Accepted.

Damien Oz said...

Indeed - i think this could be a good thing.

Im in.

Wonder Man said...

interesting idea... sounds like fun

Corve DaCosta said...

Interesting move

captainjack891 said...

Ok sounds like a good idea... I like following the herd ( thought herd was better than flock)

Pac said...

Captainjack891: Out of curiosity, I had to look up what a group of bears is called. It's a sloth. As in "a sloth of bears." I'll follow the sloth!