Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This week I’m taking five topics and just writing:
Dumbest Thing Ever Done
Toughest Choice
Happiest Moment
Crush / Lust
Secret Loves

You're welcome to join in, write anything you feel along these ideas and let me know where I can read the outcome. Or just enjoy the carnage....

My Happiest Moment:
I have to say that one of my most cherished or happiest moments happened on the last gay cruise. In the middle of the week the big dance / drug binge wasn’t on the pool deck but down in the ice skating ring turned dance hall. The theme was Enchantment Under The Seas or something like that. In just our 501s Fuzzy and I jumped into the middle of the dance floor. The light show and hard bodies were amazing. The music was out of this world, we both were in ecstasy. For about twenty minutes. Then our eyes met and a something told us that we needed to escape.

Hand in hand we ran up to pool deck to find it deserted. The light show and sound system had changed from the high-energy beat from the other nights to chill out cool sounds. I quickly stripped down naked and jumped into the pool. The cool water, the ship moving through the dark night, and me floating naked under that stars.


Wonder Man said...

cool story

cb said...

God I hope it was the "Enchantment Under The Sea" dance.

Because that is the name of te dance in Back to the Future.


Dale W. said...

That's sweet, I like.