Thursday, March 3, 2011


A typical text message conversation I had yesterday…

Carl: “I had a dream last night. So you and I were in a corner of a house party in Dallas. We were sitting in the corner because everyone was wearing starched Dallas outfits but I wasn’t. I had an ear hair that was several inches long and you told me to pull it out.”
Steve: “And? What happened?”
Carl: “After ducking behind a partition wall (because of what I was wearing) I stretched out the ear hair and it was 8 inches long. You shrieked and ran way leaving me behind the wall. I just wanted to say thanks….”
Carl: “Did you get the part where I said thanks?”
Steve: “Nice to think I’d ditch you with man-grooming issues at a high-gay Dallas party.”
Carl: “Yeah! For shrieking and running. Leaving me to sit on the floor alone behind that partition wall. In a room full on starched Dallas fags. I couldn’t follow you because of how I was dressed. Just as I worked up the courage to walk out of the party in my outfit I woke up.”
Steve: “Wow. You’re under a lot of stress.”
Carl: “I have the oddest dreams after eating meat…. Last night… you were there…”
Steve: “…being a jerk. Sorry.”
Carl: “Thanks. I feel better.”

Later that day....

Carl: “I wish I had worn cuter clothes."


Pac said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one always apologizing for offenses committed on other people's dreams. Is Carl's dream symbolic or is he replaying a traumatic memory?

Dale W. said...

I love the strange worlds we all inhabit.

Anonymous said...

...just to clarify - Stevie was ok when the ear hair was between 3 and 4 inches long. It was when he saw that it was 8 inches long that he shrieked and ran away,..... cn

Wonder Man said...

That's an odd dream