Monday, March 21, 2011


I must tell you I had a great weekend. Well, mostly. I have gone running every day since last Wednesday, Friday’s run after working from home was amazing with the cool air and a finally centered brain. I was also extremely excited about getting to watch Rugby on Saturday morning. Although this led to a Sophie’s choice.

Because of the time change England’s try at the Grand Slam against Ireland was broadcast by BBC America at 10AM on Saturday morning. I was chomping away to watch the “big match” when I get an invite from Carl and Will to have Saturday brunch at their house. Damn! If you get an invite to eat Carl’s cooking you just don’t pass it up. My belly started to growl, brunchie breakfast foods…. My head and crotch started to growl, rugby and hot guys in tight shorts… What to do?

I set the DVR and head to brunch.

The food was amazing, as always. But, because of this choice and only because of my choice Ireland destroyed England’s Grand Slam hopes. Ireland: 24 England: 8 I decided to drink as I couldn’t handle the responsibility. Right around this time I received a text from a friend wanting to go to a movie. I told him about the loss:

“Oh, I’m sorry. Was it a big match/game/thing? Are you going to be okay? How does the loss make you feel?”

The super gay text made me laugh so hard I got off the couch and went for yet another amazing run in the spring weather.


cb said...

The English are a bunch of wankers.

Go AllBlacks!!

Wonder Man said...

That is a super gay text

Jim said...

I'm going to start using the super gay text from now on:

"Are you going to be okay? How does the loss make you feel?”

And I agree with CB.. AllBlacks rule!

Underground Dude said...

GD I love Rugby.