Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Have you ever stood on a seawall and stared out at the sea? Stood there alone and watched as the tide rushed in and the sea spray hits your face.

This morning as I drove to work a Wrangler and Focus decided to collide at seventy miles per hour directly in front of me. Sparks flew as they slammed first into each other then into the retaining wall of I-76. And as I swerved and weaved to avoid the flying plastic parts of domestic auto shrapnel I was not in the moment at all. I found my brain instantaneously transported to the sea wall on Galveston Island on the coast of Texas.

When I was a kid, Galveston Island represented a luxury vacation destination for my family. South/East of Houston it seemed to me at the time to be as posh as Malibu. As a teenager it turned into the premier spot to ditch school and spend the day on the beach. In the car I would ensure that I would get smashed in the back seat next to Chuck Harris. I’d be nearly overwhelmed by his Polo cologne but I wouldn’t care. We were thigh to thigh, shoulder to shoulder. For most of my sophomore year I was his shadow, he really had no I idea who I was, but I didn’t care. I got to spend the day with him on Galveston wrestling in the surf.

On my last trip out with the guys we found a beach bathroom and concession stand that had a jukebox. Upon the mere mention from Chuck on how he liked Belinda Carlisle’s new song: Circle in the Sand I blew five bucks to play just that song over and over. I laid there on my towel listening to the lyrics:

“Day breaks, my heart aches, I will wait right here.”

Years later I returned to that beach and stood as an adult on that seawall. My head was filled with disillusionment. Love had punched me in the face. Life had punched me in the face. I stood there wondering what to do. It was like a decompression slowly took place, the tide and sand, the slowly setting sun pulled me into a place I’d never found before. Peace. Peace with being Steve.

This morning as I swerved sharply to avoid a tiny Ford from scratching my clear coat I returned to the seawall. “Circle in the sand” I have a funny feeling I’m going to be listening to a lot of Belinda Carlisle for awhile.



Sean said...

So glad you weren't involved in that accident. I love that song and Belinda and the GoGo's.

cb said...

Glad it wasn't you in that jeep! Or focus.

Scooter said...

did you stop to do your Superman duties & see if everyone was alright ?

Dale W. said...

Just glad you're okay, fella. And I hope the folks in the other vehicles are too.

Wonder Man said...

glad you are alright