Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday I was discussing a work project with a Lieutenant commander via the phone. As a regular part of my job I have meetings with this individual. As the conversation came to a close this gentleman stated “Okay, thanks babe.”

There was a couple of seconds of silence when I stated that the media was correct the military really is reforming certain protocols. This was greeted with an enthusiastic “have a great day” and a click.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Babe.


Daemon Ἴκαρος~ Δαμων said...

As a gay guy who served in the Navy...I found this freaking hilarious!

Granted I was in an all male, all volunteer expeditionary fighting force but certain lapses in military bearing certainly can occur when deployed and in high stress environments.

Enjoy the blog and your take on life. Would have loved to have served after the repeal of DADT. have a great day...babe.


Dale W. said...

Love it. And bless 'im.... awwww!

Blobby said...


That is frickin' great. It actually made my day. My week, to be honest.

Underground Dude said...

LAWL indeed

cb said...

Is this the same lieutenant commander who said "This is not a cheerocracy?"