Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finally Steve

Today is finals day.

I have two papers due and several major tests to take. As you might guess I was up late studying last night.  I was up into the wee hours re-reading the implications of Martin Luther on the Scientific Revolution and his stance on intransitive verbs. Maybe the intransitive and transitive verbs are for my creative writing class. It’s all a blur.

Evil coffee maker, you want me to fail.
Don't you?
My focus on finals carried over to this morning when after starting the coffee and walking the dog, I was greeted by the entire pot of coffee flowing across the kitchen Pergo at me. I suspect that I did not put the coffee carafe in far enough letting the hot coffee flow in a title-wave towards my delicate constitution. This spurred my cleaning ritual to sanitize the entire kitchen. Seeing my mad cleaning spree the dog wanted to join in and helped by licking up a large amount of the coffee tidal pool. Completely buzzed on Hazelnut coffee, my Chinese Shar-pei is then ran around the house rearranging the furniture and asking me to take him for ice-cream. In his heavy Chinese accent.

My belly is now full of coffee, my kitchen is obscenely clean, the dog has fallen into a K-hole, and I’m ready to cram the founding of Britain’s constitutional monarchy into my small monkey brain. After I study that, I should really study up on subordinating conjunctions.


Pac said...

Fruitcake is brain food, as far as I know. Good luck Stevie!

Sean said...

I thought most asians were lactos intolerant.

cb said...

Does "K" in this case mean a Kona-hole?

Good luck on finals!

doreus said...

Being at the receiving end of such tests (but remembering your stage quite vividly), I sympathise. I could probably help with British constitutional history... or just add to your confusion.
In any case, I wish you the best.

Erik Rubright said...

Good luck on your finals! (I don't miss those days at all.)

Wonder Man said...

good luck with school, Stevie