Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow Running

December 4th. 

I discovered a new high last year. It was late in the season, so this year I get all winter to enjoy my new fetish. Running in snow and twenty degree temperatures.  

I finding it a great way to gently ease into December.  Since my running path takes me next to the Denver Botanic Gardens I can enjoy the twinkling lights in the snow... 

The bundling in layers; however,  I'm finding is problematic. Just when I have five layers of Under Armour on I usually discover I have to... go. That and I'm frightening the squirrels.


Jim said...

You look sorta teddybear-about-to-rob-a-bank-ish.

But still very cute!

Dale said...

Maybe a Colorado ninja?

Wonder Man said...

Ninja Stevie