Monday, December 12, 2011

StevieB. On Ice

Yesterday morning I was psyched about getting to go for a run.

The morning temperature was in the teens, and I found the running paths were completely covered with ice and snow. This was like Christmas to me, I love being out in freezing weather. I layered up my gear and switched to the knobby running shoes for off road, inserted my ear buds under two layers of cap and ear protectors. I set out to run through the ice covered trees and the sound of crunching snow under my feet.

Halfway around the park I encountered an intersection that was a solid sheet of ice. I gingerly navigated the mirror-like ice while mumbling my mantra “walk like a penguin, walk like a penguin.” I’m not sure when or why I began chanting this mantra, it was eons ago. I started to laugh out loud as I realized my rant about penguins not having anything to do with Christmas, then there I was evoking their ice walking prowess to stop the inevitable fall.

My concentration broken, I started to slide. Like Bambi on ice really, my legs stretched out in my running spandex. Sliding completely across the intersection I hopped into the snow along the curb. I quickly looked around. Not a soul in sight. No one saw my amazing show of athleticism and dumb luck? Drat.

Feeling amazingly full of myself, I spent the day feeling superior to winter and anything is can throw at me. I then retold my running triumph story to a friend I ran into as I left watching a football game at our local bear bar. Upon showing off how cool I was, I turned and slipped upon the ice and clumped down to the pavement.

That’ll learn ya.


Pac said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself! I watched a movie once about penguins in Antarctica. (I think is was the sequel to the movie about the snakes on the airplane.) When it's really slippery, they scoot on their stomachs. The penguins, not the snakes. The snakes too, I guess.

Anyway, maybe you should try scooting on your stomach next time.

Anonymous said...

This is why there are penguins at Christmas- so you can walk into the houses of your friends that refuse to shovel thier front porches while loaded down with mountians of gifts and still not fall. Walk like a peguins with an armload of presents! fc