Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today at the gym I went to use the cables. As I started to adjust the position a guy came from nowhere and somewhat barked that he was still using them. When I’m in a situation like this my stutter comes back. I said “Sssss-s-sorry.” He then said “HA! SSSSSS-S-Soaright!” and laughed again.
This did not sit well with the StevieB, but when I replied I of course I said “If it makes you f-feel like mmmmmm-m-more of a man to make fun of people. Go right ahead.

Seriously could I have sounded more like an after school special?

Whatever happened to afterschool specials? I always wanted to see one about an effeminate Mormon boy with a lisp, and a stutter but with an uncanny fashion sense. At the end he holds his fist up and declares. “I’ll show you, I’ll show you all. I’m gonna grow up to have 19” arms, wear nothing but cargo shorts and date a former International Mr. Leather finalist. You’ll see! Then you’ll be sorry!”


Michael said...

People can be such assholes!

that would be a funny afterschool special...but would require an epilogue to show it all comes true.

Where's the iPhone update? Have you grown tired of already and you don't even have it yet?

I'm sitting here waiting with baited breath!

Anonymous said...

I hope they use both Who's Sorry Now by Connie Francis and I'm Sorry by Brenda Lee in the sound track. I'll need a cocktail dress and gloves for this one. Hanky anyone? fc

Kezza said...

You stutter too? Nice! Mine only surfaces in panic situations though, you should here me now, I have an exam fast approaching, I'm wired tothe hilt and stuttering like a machine gun.

Speaking of guns, you ought to post a few more pics of those 19" biceps, or anything else you'd like to share with us, hell you could just make it your own after school special!

By the way, how is that new iPhone of yours, or are you still talking on that reciept?

Gooster said...

You should've laid him out and said who's sorry now BETCH! Sorry, but the stutter is endearing there hot stuff, and you drive a Jeep! Your blog is one of my fave's keep up tellin us your stories. Someday, you might even learn how to post a pic of yourself! ;-) LOL!

Anonymous said...

But we're all wondering what happened after your snappy comeback? Did the guy apologize or snarl at you or slink away like the needle dick he is?

Anonymous said...

You are way to rated 'R' for an afterschool special.... I mean you could try and be PG-13 - but with your Touretts..... hard to say..... cn