Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Day four of waiting for the little gay ATT&T boy to call me and let me know that the little digital third to my and Fuzzy’s relationship is here. My cute little IPhone, It will be here soon to share our bed. In the meantime I‘ve transferred a lot of crap from by old phone to ICal and my Mac address book. I have found an amazing amount of junk on my phone. Like the phone number to Pei-Wei on 3001 Knox Street in Dallas. Now, I don’t NEED this number but you just never know. I may be back in Dallas and have a hankering for Asian fusion. Or The Leather Man a leather shop on Christopher St, NY. I believe in putting a number my phone and walking away. I have 3 James…. I don’t know any James(eses.) It goes to show if you give me your number I will never lose it. I may lose knowing who the heck you are, but I’ll have your number. Or if I get sent back in time to 2003 and need to call me ex Dalton at work, I’ll have the number. Then I can amaze him with my “PHONE FROM THE FUTURE.”
Until Mr. Gayatt&t calls I've made my own Iphone:


Adam said...

That iPod is so retro! That's a first gen, it actually has ball bearings and other moving parts in it.

Michael said...

Now that is some new technology there.

I just "cleaned" out my contact list the other day as well, I had a few Jason's sans last name and a phone number with just initials...hmmmm....well they've never called so I guess it's not important any more.

I hope your phone gets there soon!!!!!

Kezza said...

Transferring phone info is fun isn't it, you sit there going "who the fuck is Charlie, why do I know seven people called Matt all without last names, I must call Daniel some time soon, Man Luke was fantastic in the sack, why do I have so many numbers with the names of gay bars after them???" and yet I cannot rationalise the list so everyone gets to party in my new phone.

As for your DIY iPhone, that looks like something the old-scool anti-tech people would have... people like me!