Friday, August 15, 2008


I was pretty excited today. Today was the day I went to get my new IPhone. Yep, you got it my brand new, shiny, sexy, Oh-my-god IPhone. Did y’all know that they were back ordered? Yes, back ordered.
I came very close to kicking “Shcott” the bubbly AT&T sales gay in the shin. “What do you mean they’re not here? I said my voice cracking like a guy down at the strip club being told that “Ginger” his favorite is out with a bad STD.
“Went to get me an IPhone but they said No, no no. “
I’ve got a little piece of paper that says”IOU one IPhone.” You can call me on that if you like.


Gooster said...

Oh, I am sure when your phone wasn't there, the gay just POURED out of your mouth! You went Leslie Jordan on his ass didn't ya?

Adam said...

And you checked the Apple retail website to see if there were any available at Apple stores in the Denver area right? Yes. Please tell me yes, you did. :)

Steve said...

I should have, but really is just fell apart like an American gymnast after balance beam.

Dead Robot said...

"Hey Shcott! Nice one! I saw you totally dominate that guy out there!"

"Thaaanks! Aren't I a stinker?"

Kezza said...

NO, not you too. Bloody iPhones are taking over the world, Damn Apple and their iHysteria.

You people are ill, you're all ill, now if you don't mind I'd really like it if you could ignore the only fag in existence who ignored the iPhone pandemonium, as crazy and twitchy as he may be.

Oh and Stevie... what's the number for your IOU? I bet you're totally loving it right! All those high level features AND completely biodegradable... It's what all phones should be!

Anonymous said...

Crazy? Twitchy?

No, I guess that's about right.