Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have finally got back to full weights, I’ve completed arms, shoulders and chest without my left shoulder trying to detach and try to kill me. I have shortened my reps on chest just a bit to “play it safe. “ The best thing about having a sore shoulder was that the only thing I could do while Fuzzy was bouncing the bar off of his chest was crunches. Tons of F*#$ crunches, I now have the hardest abs I’ve ever had. And if they weren’t covered by Taco Bell blubber you’d see them. But, they are under there trust me. On Sunday we went to lift and Fuzz decided to wear his Dolly Parton Tour T-shirt. It did look a little odd Dolly’s face stretched out of shape across his massive chest but it kind of was fitting with all the surgery that Dolly’s face has seen.
Through the work out we spotted this huge muscled bodybuilder. You know the type; he really should be May in the Colt calendar. Half way though dips he maneuvers up to Fuzz like a Battle ship turning to take on the Japanese and Says “Oh…My.. GAWD!!! You went to see DOLLY?!?!” At this point little hearts and unicorns started to float about his thick neck and thick head. I shot a look to Fuzz full of “thanks for ruining our three-way shower jerk off session!” And then quickly ran to the other side of the gym. But apparently Dolly fans are as thick as thieves. They chatted no doubtably about their love for dolly while I pushed off another set of F*$#%$ crunches.


Kezza said...

How apprpriate that Dolly should be stretched across a massive chest!

It's proabaly best that you missed out on the three way shower jerk-off though... Considering Dolly was just on a T-shirt she wouldn't have been much use to you both anyway.

Anonymous said...

... and the remaining use would have been highly disrespectful.

Gooster said...

I would've thought the Dolly T would be the catalyst for such shower shenanigans! Jolene Jolene JOOOOOLLLLLEEEEEEEEYNNNNNNNNNEEEEEE! splat