Thursday, August 21, 2008


I will not talk about my backordered Iphone. But just so ya know it's day:

Yesterday I walked into the locker room at the gym. Trap and Lat day, as I rounded the corner I ran into a guy I tricked with about 74 years ago and I puffed up like a blow fish. Ya’know when you walk by a hot guy and you instantly shove your pecs into your chin. I slowly swaggered around and went to take a leak. I then came across a guy who apparently just finished pissing but quickly realized that his shoe was untied. As I walked up he had his foot up on the lip of the urinal tying his shoe, my first thought was “Icky.” Well being wet and slippery he quickly slipped and his shoe went in to the urinal. His forehead came crashing in the flusher and of course flushed his foot. Thank God I was at a urinal cause I would of pissed my shorts from laughing.


Kezza said...

Nothing exciting ever happens to me at a urinal... Nothing. You do realise the only reason he was tying his shoe there was so that he could check out your pecker so I hope you'd managed to puff that up too somehow. But it's mean to laugh, instead you should have looked all concerned and said "Fancy a root?"

erik said...

Yeah... who ties their shoes like that? I'd be afraid of getting the laces in the "water."