Monday, August 11, 2008

What I overheard today coming from the next cubical.
Look! Look out the window! Geese! A bunch of Geese.
Wow, that one’s really fat. I think she’s pregnant.
Me. Uh, what?
She gonna be a momma Goose soon.
Me. Uh, birds lay eggs.
Yeah, and she looks heavy she’s gonna deliver soon.
That would be amazing to see.


Kezza said...

The goose that laid the golden egg perhaps? I would of thought for a bird to look pregnant it would have to be carrying an egg the size of a football. Maybe it was? I feel sorry for the poor thing trying to squeeze that out.

Wait no I don't, but I'm suddenly craving scrambled eggs. Thanks again Stevie, oh well, at least its the perfect accompanyment to the bacon you made me crave the other day!

erik said...

It was probably just constipated, the poor thing. Did you know that geese leave behind 1-2 pounds of waste per day? That's a lot of poo.

Dead Robot said...

It's illegal to kill them here but one year the city repealed the law when they got too numerous and gave the "harvest" to the homeless. Lucky bastards.