Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Fuzzy and I have this weird habit of needing a bench at the gym right when every frickin' muscle head has decided to pump an extra 20. Why does 24hour only have 3 flat benches?

Fuzz my man, cannot change his habitrail so if it’s time to bench nothings gonna change that. So, we wait. I have seen a lot of bulges that I would have missed, so it’s not all bad. One afternoon we noticed this guy who we now call Forest Gump. He got this name because he likes to sit on a bench and talk to people about his life. This day he was apparently signing up for a Time-Life book series via his cell. I think that Fuzz may not have appreciated that excitement of getting, Great buildings of the World due to Fuzzy walking up to him and explaining that his cell phone was going up his ass if didn’t get it off the bench.

This came up in conversation today when I realized that my shoulder strain has faded enough to start back at my heavier weights. Man I hate straining muscles. You have to baby yourself and just wait while your traps start shrinking away. Today I’m going back to normal weights, wish me luck.

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