Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brideshead Revisited

Fuzzy and I went to see a movie over the weekend. This may not sound like much but, I have not gone to the Cinema since Dalton and I saw Ghost In The Shell in 2004. Yeah, I hadn’t seen a movie in four years. I just had other things to do, that and I don’t have an attention span. But, I knew that I had met my match when Fuzz told me he hadn’t gone to the movie in three years.
So why the sudden the trip to the Cinema house? It was 105 degrees in Denver. We ended up seeing Brideshead Revisited. Waiting four years between movies I have to say it was worth ending the dry spell on Emma Thompson. For an “Oh dear.. Let’s discuss the changing of the sunlight upon the manner’s glen.” Type of movie it was quite impressive. Although, through the first half of the movie I kept thinking I remembered the antagonist from somewhere. Then it hit me, he’s the guy from the Pet Shop Boys!! Or at least he looked like him.

The remainder of the movie had me rolling over and over “why would the singer from the Pet Shop Boys be in a Costume drama? Well, it wasn’t him but damn. What a great career move that would have been.

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Dead Robot said...

Neither one of the PSBs can act. Trust me on that. They make great gay-spirited music, but they're as wooden onstage as Pinocchio at a furniture builders convention

So you missed Children of Men? Sunshine? Mean Girls?