Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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My buddy Hillary delivered in every way last night. That and she looked great in her signature color. Her aides carried out no less than six pant suits earlier in the day to see how they all looked under the lights. The protesters had their “angry eyes” on yesterday. But it was much to do about nothing. The Rage Against The Machine concert is today so I’m sure that flaming cop cars will be all the rage later. When I get my IPhone I’ll take some flamey cop car pics. Doesn’t that sounds like fun? Maybe I’ll take marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

SMORES! mmmmmmmmmmmm

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Howard said...

Cameron and I were talking about Hillary's outfit. I wondered why orange until she got in front of the blue screen and she just popped out like I was wearing 3-D glasses.

And her speech was amazing. She would have made a great candidate.