Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Last night was the grand kickoff of the DNC. God, I had forgotten how much I love Jimmy Carter. Did you know that he is single handedly rebuilding New Orleans? He's 87 and swinging a hammer. And yep we had our first arrests for a group trying to assassinate Obama. it seems like a group of good Ol'boys were coming to town to shoot them a black man. Teddy Kennedy was great as the longest living Kennedy. Michelle Obama was amazing, half Mrs. Obama and half Mary Tyler Moore.
I saw Mitt's hair last night. Jesus does he have a HUGE pompadour. It's like he takes his cat everywhere he goes. Well, I received a clip from the convention of Ted Kennedy's speech so I thought I'd share it with you.


Michael said...

So the DNC has usurped the wait for the iPhone?

I'm sending positive thoughts to the shipping gods so it comes faster for you.

Anonymous said...

i really have no comment about todays post - but since I will be possibly meeting Michael in the near future - I will comment so he is not alone..... cn

Kezza said...

Wait, no iPhone news, does this mean you've become rational again and stopped fretting about it, or have you recieved it and simply failed to gloat?

Sorry, but I just can't get excited about anything US politics seeing as it's rammed down out throats every 28 seconds and I live in another country. Scary to think your nation is that powerful huh?

As for the muppets though...