Monday, August 18, 2008


Day three of “IPhone wait.” I’m strong, I can do this. It’s just a phone that’s back ordered no big deal. Just a bountiful, sinewy, piece of technology that will improve my life with its shiny buttons. Oh, so many buttons. I love them so, the way they call to me. “Press me Steve! We’ll make you happy!”
It’s just day three. My phone will come in anytime now. At anytime Mr. Gayatt&t will call me on my old icky-God-I-hate-it phone and let me know that Apple and of course Jesus wants me to be happy. Yes, I said it! Jesus wants me to have a new IPhone.

Have I mentioned yet that the backorder on my IPhone may take up to ten days? Long wait for Stevie!
This weekend was my BFF Carl’s birthday party. His Homosexual lover threw a huge bash for him. During this party and several glasses of Grey Goose I realized two things. The first is that I’m a “complementary drunk” that is to say when I get drunk I walk around a complement people. I walked up to Joe and gushed about how I liked his shirt, then every article of clothing on his hard chiseled body. Later I was found talking another friend on how his new tires look “really striking on his Honda. “ The Second is that without counseling and maybe a Lindsey Lohan rehab I could quite easily become an IDick.


Michael said...

I thought there was just one big button on the iPhone.

Kezza said...

I'm sure there are lots of devices out there crying out for you to push their buttons. And of course by devices I mean people. And of course by people I mean me. But, um, yeah I have to go now... I think I hear some one elses iPhone ringing, I'd best answer that.